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At Busby Metals, we are confident that you find out inventory program to be the largest and most comprehensive, globally. It’s the cornerstone of our Seventy-year-old business, and the reason that we’re the most trusted provider of high performance copper alloys. Most every flying machine has Busby Metals provided product on it.

Some of our products simply are not available elsewhere, our massive purchasing power at the mills have given us the opportunity to bring new products and forms to the marketplace. That gives us the edge, and gives you the resources necessary to make every engineering challenge a success.

As an example, some of our exclusive products include:

AMS 4880 / C95510

Available in cast tubes, AMS 4880 is an aluminum nickel bronze alloy that’s widely used in the aerospace and heavy equipment industries. It’s continuously cast using the Equicast® process for stable machining. This translates into better tolerances, and better predictability when put into use – saving you money on implementation and repair.  

AMS 4880 features:

  • High erosion and corrosion resistance
  • Low friction
  • Good anti-galling properties
  • Excellent machinability
  • Moderate strength 

AMS 4880 is typically seen in applications such as bearings and landing gear bushings for aerospace products.

AMS 4640 / C63000 (EXTRUDED TUBE)

C63000 aluminum nickel bronze alloy is one of the most popular moderate strength copper alloys in the world for a wide variety of applications such as aerospace, oil and gas, military, maritime, and even performance racing. It’s easy to work with, and features superior anti-corrosive properties that allow it to function well, especially in seawater.

Our AMS 4640 / C630000 is the only extruded tube product in North America, it fully meets the AMS 4640 rod specifications (above and beyond the tube property requirements).

Like AMS 4880, AMS 4640 /C63000 aluminum nickel bronze alloy is also low-friction and good in anti-galling applications. It’s widely seen in bearings, as well as actuators, pump shafts, gears, cams and valve seats. It’s one of the most versatile materials we carry, providing an excellent balance between strength, durability, Low Coefficient of friction and good conductivity as well as cost.


We don’t like to brag -too much- but there are few brands of copper alloy on the market with a longer history or better reputation for success than Busby. We stand by our products, and are happy to provide our engineers for design consultations. Thanks to our wide product range, we can always find the perfect material for most any design criteria.

When you call, you will be immediately great by a person, not a phone mail system. Contact us today to talk about your next project.