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Busby Metals is One of the World’s Top Source for C72900 Toughmet

Toughmet 3 ® -Spinodal products from Materion Brush Performance Alloys are extremely popular and effective copper-alloy solutions deployed in a wide variety of fields. Their patented EquiCast system creates an extremely fine-grained and uniform microstructure in their products, allowing for exceptionally high-quality and reliable final products.

Thanks to our best-in-class stocking and shipping abilities, Busby Metals is the best source you can turn to when working with this alloy. Our experts can work with you to ensure you’re using the best alloy choices for each project, while guaranteeing your materials order arrives promptly – usually in three days or less.

Busby Metals stocks all three variations of Toughmet Spinodal copper-nickel-bronze products:

C72900 Toughmet 3 ® AT (Hot Worked)

C72900 AT is hot worked and spinodal hardened, and is used in a wide variety of applications where high strength and anti-galling properties are a necessity. Unlike many other high-strength alloys, C72900 uses no lead or beryllium, making it a perfect alternative in situations where those metals should be avoided. C72900 can be found in a wide variety of aerospace, marine, and drilling applications.

It also features:

  • Superior resistance to corrosion and cavitation 
  • Excellent Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Excellent machinability
  • Tensile strength up to 140ksi
  • Toughness suitable for high-demand motor work and similar applications

C72900 Toughmet 3 ® TS (Cold Drawn)

In contrast to the AT variation, C72900 TS is cold-worked but still spinodal hardened. This gives it exceptional toughness and high strength, along with superior impact resistance. C72900 sees wide usage in oil and gas exploration equipment, as well as in the aerospace industry.

Like C72900 Toughmet AT, the TS product still features superior anti-galling properties, corrosive resistance, and easy machinability.  

C96900 Toughmet 3 ®   CX (Cast Version)

For applications requiring truly exceptional strength and hardness, C96900 is one of the most frequently turned-to applications. It exhibits tensile strength, up to 120 ksi and hardness up to HRc 34, making it one of the most durable options on the market that doesn’t include beryllium. It’s also noted for having some of the highest corrosive and tarnishing resistance of any copper alloy.

 C96900 can be found in some of the most demanding fields, including off-road vehicles, drilling, and heavy equipment manufacture.  

Busby Metals Brings You Diverse Stock, Superior Expertise, and Reliable Service

With over 70 years in service, Busby Metals has both the in-house experience and extensive industry connections that make us relied-upon by companies around the world. With operations on three continents – America, Europe, and China – no matter where you are, we can get you the metal products you need quickly, efficiently, and within budget,

For more information on our full line of copper alloys and other materials, please contact Busby Metals today.