Service and Specialization for over 50 years

At Busby, we know our way around metals. Some even call us experts. But while we care—deeply—about sourcing and supplying the highest quality Copper-based alloys, it’s our customers we really show up for.

You might think it’s old fashioned, but we always answer our phones in person. And that’s the same kind of personal service you get from us, always.

We have the largest and most diverse in-stock inventory of specialized, high-performance Copper-based alloys in the world. That kind of inventory—stocked on three continents—means you’ve got the greatest chance of getting the material you need, when you need it, at the price you agreed. And with honest date estimates, same-day shipping, color-coded materials, clear documentation, accurate material test certificates, and custom wooden shipping crates, you can be confident your delivery will be smooth.

You can also be confident that you’re getting what you really need. With our deep understanding of Copper-based alloys and the industries we serve, our customers rely on us for our familiarity with the changes and nuances in materials specification programs. We’re pretty humble people, but it wouldn’t be untrue to say that we’ve averted many an ordering error—and saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars—over the years.

We serve a variety of industries—aerospace, oil and gas, performance racing, marine, electronics, defense, and injection molding, among others—and we welcome the opportunity to show you what makes us more than just metal.