AMS: ASTM-B-5050, SAE 660, QQ-C-390, QQ-B-1005, MIL-B-11553
Alloy Description: Bearing Bronze
EU: CuSn7Zn4Pb7

This Cast Copper Leaded Alloy is known for being the most economical of all Bearing Alloys. C93200 Bearing Bronze is used mainly in non-critical applications such industrial and lawn maintenance equipment, this alloy can be used where bearings have poor lubrication environments. C93200 is strong, easily machined and is known as being resistant to wear. Similar to Oilite, it contains a fair amount of lead.

BENEFITS of C93200 Bearing Bronze (SAE660):

  • Excellent friction properties
  • Moderate strength
  • Good in for anti-galling concerns
  • Excellent machinability
  • Moderate corrosion resistance

SPECIFICATIONS: ASTM-B-5050, SAE 660, QQ-C-390, QQ-B-1005, MIL-B-11553