Alloy Description: Tellurium Copper
UK: CA109, BS 2874
EU: CuTe

Considered the best machining of the high-Copper Alloys, this Copper-Tellurium Alloy acquires strength from “Alloying” Tellurium. As with all metals, when reducing the amount of Copper, conductivity dramatically decreases yet strength increases. This copper product is used where high-insertion loads or high cycles are required, such as socket connectors for high-voltage power sources, welding tips, plumbing fittings, soldering coppers, transistor bases, furnace brazing, and motor parts.

BENEFITS of C14500 Copper:

  • Excellent conductivity
  • Good formability
  • Excellent ductility
  • Improved strength


Specification: ASTM-B-301

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