AMS: 4700 / ASTM-B-48
Alloy Description: OFE Copper
UK: C101

C10100, also known as OFE C10100, is a nearly-pure copper product that gets its strength strictly from cold and hot working (a true wrought product). Known for applications where electrical and thermal conductivity is very important, it has excellent hot workability and very high resistance to hydrogen embrittlement. This product is mainly supplied in rod, wire, and plate forms for applications including flame spray nozzles, welding electrodes, anodes, bus bars, and heat sinks for computers.

BENEFITS of C10100 Copper:

  • Excellent conductivity
  • Excellent formability
  • Excellent ductility

SPECIFICATIONS:  AMS 4700 / ASTM-B-48 / ASTM-B-187 / ASTM-F-68 / ASTM-B-152 / ASTM-F-68 / ASTM-B-272 / QQ-W-343

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