AMS: GE B11H141A2
Alloy Description: Copper Beryllium (0.3%)
UK: Alloy 3, CuNi2Be
EU: (France) Alliage 3

C17510 Beryllium Copper Alloy, also known as alloy 3,  gets its strength from precipitation heat treating. The grade of the C17510 material has a very high yield-strength-to-conductivity ratio and is good for moderate stress applications where galling is a concern. C17510 is used mainly in aerospace and plastic mold tooling industries, this product is ideal for small electronic connector and mold tooling applications including pylon bushings for large turbine engines, conductors, relay parts, and roll pins.

BENEFITS of C17510:

●      High electrical and thermal conductivity
●      Highest yield to elongation ratio
●      Excellent machinability
●      Low friction properties
●      Excellent seawater corrosion resistance
●      Non magnetic
●      Multiple tempers
●      Able to anneal and re-age


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