AMS: QQ-C-530
Alloy Description: Copper Beryllium (0.4% Pb)
UK: Alloy M25
EU: Alliage M25

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Chemically, C17300 high-strength Copper Alloy is nearly identical to C17200/CuBe2, but with a small percentage of lead added strictly to increase machinability performance for high speed screw machines. C173 beryllium copper is also known as alloy M25.

Alloy M25, which gets its strength from precipitation heat treating, is used in RWMA (Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance) applications in the aerospace, oil and gas, marine, electronics, performance racing, and plastic mold tooling industries, typically in round insertion connector and sensors, non-sparking safety tools, welding equipment, flexible metal hose, bushings, electrochemical springs and bellows.

BENEFITS of C173 Beryllium Copper:

  • High stiffness for insertion applications
  • Moderate electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Excellent in for anti-galling concerns
  • Excellent machinability
  • Low friction properties
  • Excellent corrosion and erosion resistance
  • Non-magnetic


Specifications: ASTM-B-196