AMS: AMS 4640
Alloy Description: Aluminum Nickel Bronze
UK: CA 104
EU: CuAl10Ni5Fe4, CW307G

C63000 Aluminum-Bronze Alloy is a medium-duty wrought-strengthened product widely used in aerospace, oil and gas, marine, defense, and performance racing.

Applications for C6300 aluminum nickel bronze include hydraulic bushings for earth-moving equipment, aircraft bushings and bearings, heat exchanger flanges and headers, valve balls, sub-sea actuators, pump shafts, valve guides, plunger tips, gears, cams, pump parts, condenser tubes for power station desalting units, and valve seats.

Mechanical Properties and Benefits of C6300 Aluminum Nickel Bronze:

  • Good corrosion and erosion resistance
  • Excellent in sea water
  • Moderate strength properties
  • Good in for anti-galling concerns
  • Excellent machinability
  • Low friction properties


Specifications; AMS 4640, ASTM-B-150, QQ-C-465, ASNA, 3315, ASNA 3406, NF L 14-705

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