AMS: AMS 4634
Alloy Description: Aluminum Bronze/Aluminum Silicon Bronze
UK: CuAl7Si2
EU: CuAl7Si, CW302G

This Aluminum-Silicon-Bronze Alloy is a low- to medium-strength wrought-hardened product with good wear and galling resistance.

Applications of this aluminum silicon bronze alloy  include rotary-craft swash plate bushings, valve stems and bodies, gears, marine hardware, nuts, fasteners, pole line hardware, and valve bodies. C64200 Aluminum Bronze is known as one of the best valve stem alloys.

BENEFITS of C64200 Aluminum Silicon Bronze Alloy:

  • Good work-ability
  • Moderate electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Good in for anti-galling concerns
  • Excellent machinability
  • Low friction properties
  • Good corrosion and erosion resistance


Specifications: AMS 4631, AMS 4633, AMS 4634, ASTM-B-150, QQ-C-465

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