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Busby Metals Now Stocks a Full Range of C62300 (AMS 4635) Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloy in Both Rod and Bar Form

At Busby Metals, we’re proud to say that to our knowledge, we have the largest and most varied inventory of copper and other alloys on the planet. This is the result of more than fifty years’ dedication to finding the best suppliers to work with, hiring top experts, and continually expanding our inventory to keep up with the latest in materials design. Our goal is to always have the alloys you require to complete your project to-spec and beyond, in whatever forms you need them.

So, we’re happy to announce that we now carry a full line of rod and bar forms of C62300/AMS 4635 nickel aluminum bronze alloy. This specialty alloy is of particular value in the maritime industry, and its addition to our project lineup adds even more reason to choose Busby Metals for your oceangoing projects.

A Look at C62300 / AMS 4635 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloy

C62300 nickel aluminum bronze alloy is notable for being fully certified as SUB-SAFE LEVEL ONE, which means it is particularly used by the United States, as well as other navies and submarine manufacturers, in construction of their undersea vessels. In addition, it’s excellent for other maritime vessels as well as ROVs and other robotic or remote-controlled sub-sea vehicles.

However, the applications don’t end there. AMS 4635 is also widely used in aerospace applications, such as for rod end bearings and upper helicopter rotor components. It has superior formability, as well as a low coefficient of friction and generally high strength properties.

Overall, it has:

  • Low friction properties
  • Solution heat treatable
  • Moderate to high strength
  • Easily machined
  • Swage-able (known bearing applications)
  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity

To ensure that our products can meet your needs, Busby Metals carries over 22 sizes and forms of AMS 4635 nickel aluminum bronze alloy, with diameters ranging from .75” (19mm) to 6” (152mm).

Cut Your Budget with Busby Metals

Busby Metals wants to do everything we can to reduce your costs and ensure the materials you need are as affordable as possible. Thanks to our many decades in business and the partnerships we’ve cultivated along the way, we’re able to add several value-added bonuses that cut costs. These include:

  • Low minimum purchase (as low as $150.00 USD)
  • All quotes are priced FOB your location (globally).
  • No surcharges on copper value.
  • No fuel surcharges
  • No packaging or boxing charges.

Plus, we offer extensive in-house expertise available for consultation on your next project. If your engineers are ever in doubt as to the right material for your application, Busby Metals is here to assist.

Contact us to learn more.